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Just in August I have been 23 years around the sun! So here is a list of 23 things I have learned by 23:  -These are things I am still learning to work on. Nevertheless, I am happy to be... Continue Reading →


Baby M: An Open Letter

Everyday I will look up at the sky and think of you. I think I'll miss you forever. Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky Baby M: Some days I just break. My mind wonders off into... Continue Reading →

California Love 

California! You were so good to me. So good that I want to move from my rainy state to your sunshine state. San Francisco has my heart, but Sacramento is looking nice.  California will always have a special place in... Continue Reading →

Black and Brown

Last night I finally cried. I cried because of everything I've been seeing and reading lately. My fiancee  and I tried our best to stay positive. But the weight is unbearable 💔 After waking up to horrible news about two... Continue Reading →

4th of July and woke.

"Happy white peoples Independence Day. The slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks"- Chris Rock. They gained their independence while they stripped theirs of ours. Some of us are not free. Celebrating this day erases indigenous peoples and... Continue Reading →

Latinx Privilege 

  I am Brought up by Mexican immigrant parents and was born and raised in the US. Growing up, I knew I was a little different than my Latinx familia. I remember my dad explaining to my 10 year old... Continue Reading →

Latinx Graduate 

Brown girl, Dream all those dreams. Live for your own approval. Create your own spaces Keep your palabra. Be proud Be resilient Crave adventure Adorn yourself with love Be you unapologetically Because you will make it. Raza Grad and proud.... Continue Reading →

A taste of Lemonade 🍋

Where are the Beyoncé fans who were there for "Crazy in love" or "Single ladies"? Now that she's spitting truth and a reality that Black women face, it's all of a sudden a "she's just rich and famous crying about... Continue Reading →

To The Brown Women:

I've been driving back and forth from you. My mind a beehive swarming with thoughts. And I don't think to come back. I don't stay to bare the silence anymore. I don't stay to wait to wait... and wait. And... Continue Reading →

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