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mu name is Steph. I am a 24 year old college student living in the lovely PNW.  More specifically Portland, Oregon. I study communications and criminal justice at Portland State University. I identify as Latinx/Xhicanx/femme. I am a dancer, a lover to my husband, a traveler and a writer seeking more ways to better myself.

I started this blog to have a transformative space where I reflect openly about my personal life, politics and what it means to be Latinx navigating in white spaces. I want to create a space where I can explore and celebrate not only my experiences, but the brilliance, creativity and legacy’s of femmes and women of color throughout my life and history.

I write from what I know and what I struggle with and I am passionate about issues that are important to me. I want to share my words through different types of writing, my inspirations, poems, and my on and off travels. I hope ya”ll enjoy this blog as much as I love to create my content. My goal is to read more blogs from other femmes and women of color. To exist/create/ and write our own stories and experiences, is to resist. ❤

I appreciate any and all comments/feedback about anything at all!