I sit and wonder about you. I think of who you are. Girl or boy. You were the  sun, my light, my heart. The moment I knew. Oh, the moment I knew. You were in my dreams. Oh, the bed of flowers. The endless flowers. The sun beaming down on us. Sometimes I let my mind wonder. I let it take me. To see the beauty in your life. My Rose Bud. Sometimes I sit and think about having you by me. My first child. My Rose Bud. Radiating love. The circle of life is forever. So I know you are forever. I hope you feel my soul. I know I feel yours. I want to feel your heartbeat. I love you more than you could ever know. I miss you more than you could ever know. They told me to forget about you. Because for a moment you were here. And then the next you were gone. I felt like a caved wall. Inside I was stuck. I cried and cried. Because sometimes you need to feel the sadness and anger. Inside I wanted to yell that my Rose Bud was real. What happened was real. So, no. I could not forget.You are a part of me. I could not let the world put out your fire. Your existence. Even if it was for a moment. Because that moment was my everything. My Rose Bud.