Keeps me calm when I am not. 

Observing it

Coming down as it pours. 

And then all at once,

joining the ground softly,



Dripping from buildings,

from clothes.

Wet hair 

and then,

it slows. 

Like the heartbeat in my chest.

The tempo of my breath. 


In the night sky. 

How I watch it so, 

as I remain tranquil. 

Like the blue sea,

after a storm.

The idea of being alone…

Scares me. 

Waterfall thoughts of what 

I should be. 

Could be or need to be. 


These feelings? 


I let them drift far from me. 

I let water preserve me. 

Element of life. 

Birthing and re-birthing the universe. 

Keeping my anxiety and fears


 Keeping me calm, when I am not.

Like still life.

Like a flower,

Beautiful on Mother Earth.

The soil and roots birth it.


Maintains the world quiet, 

as it slows.

Like the way the sun leaves to rest,

as the moon comes up

to dance. 

Like the way my spirit is at ease. 

My mind gone,

but my body here. 


Listening to Earth 

nurture the world.