It seems like the way I see you, is the way you see me.

    We agree on many life decisions. 

    And when we disagree, we have our boxing  gloves ready to go 

    because one of us HAS to be right. 

    And I know you let me win most of them. Even when you and I both know I’m wrong.

    But you let me win.

    It seems like the way I adore you, is the way you adore me. 

    We both love hard. 

    You cling to me like a child and I easily push you away like a teenager.

     But in the end, the love is hard, it is real, and it is messy. 

    I have you, and you have me.

    And we grow tall like weeds. 

    As tall as a blossoming sunflower 

    We are happy, we are loud, and passionate lovers. 

    And you see me. You see my copper penny eyes,

    And I see you,

    your chocolate brown eyes. 

    You keep me warm at night. Warmer than any blanket on our cozy bed.

    You are there. Always. Even when you are uncertain of my never ending escapades. 

    Yet, you do them. With me. For me. 

    The way we move on this Earth 

    As we go around the sun,

    Is like magic.

    We don’t know how or when things became.

    But we knew that with you next to me,

    And me next to you,

    That’s all we ever wanted. 

    Our love intensified, as we danced on the moon. 

    Letting go of whatever held us back

    And simultaneously,

    We became one under the night sky.

    One love.