Today is the first day of National Latinx Heritage Month! Celebrating and honoring our histories, culturas, and contributions of our diverse communities. 

Note* I do not identify as “Hispanic”. Therefore, I use “Latinx”instead of “Hispanic” to celebrate our heritage month. Why continue to allow ourselves to be linked with our colonizers? The term “Hispanic” is a word the government came up with to identify people of Spanish speaking decent. Basically, all of our big and many different cultures are clumped up into one. 


To kick off Latinx Heritage Month, I am excited to share Latinx authors from some of my favorite books! 

I am proud to identify as a Latina, Mexican, and Xicana. I get to celebrate my roots. My ancestors. My vibrant, colorful,and beautiful cultura. My Spanish language, the dancing and the oh-so delicious foods. Never forget where you come from and always be proud of who you are.