About Stephanie

Hi guys!

My name is Stephanie and welcome to this glorious space I’ve created for myself and others to enjoy.

I started this blog to have a transformative space where I reflect openly about what it means to be Latinx navigating in white spaces and my identity as a Latinx vegan. I want to create a space where I can explore and celebrate my lived experiences.

I also believe there is always a new layer to uncover within ourselves. I use this platform to openly share my poems with my entire meraki.

Through poetry and other types of writing, are we unraveling the skin we are walking this world in or simply revealing a shell? Are you hiding from your true skin? Your truest most divine self? To believe in a new beginning, is to believe in your meraki. Through my poetry and writings is how I become a rooted woman.

As we flow with Mother Earth, she changes with the seasons. As do we. So what is your story?

Welcome to mine.


To exist, create and write our own stories and experiences is what I live for.

Plant-Based lifestyle, writer, avid reader, plant and dog momma

Portland, OR

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Selected by Stephanie. See Below

Pacific northwest

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